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Byrd Dance
Byrd School

We are so excited to announce the Byrd Dance Schedule for 2019/2020 and the 55th Anniversary of Byrd Dance.

To kick off our anniversary celebration, we are pleased to offer a new class.  Byrd School Principal, Mrs. Craft, will be teaching a special Zumba class for 4th and 5th graders.  This class will begin in January and will perform in the dance recital.  As all classes, this will be offered on a first come, first serve basis and will be limited to 16 students.  This is going to be such a fun class and Mrs. Craft is so excited to be able to teach everyone her Zumba moves.


We are releasing the 2019/2020 schedule so everyone has as much planning information as possible.  After repeated requests for the ability to charge tuition on a credit or debit card, we are currently designing a Byrd Dance Website which will be up and running by mid-July. Registration will take place at that time and an email will be sent out when the website goes live.

Byrd dance is also looking for two volunteers, coming in as a team, that will shadow our current Costume Coordinator this school year and take over the position the following year. This is a fun and exciting job, and the program is looking forward to new helpers.  Please send a reply back to this email if you are interested in teaming up to be Costume Coordinator for Byrd Dance.  

Thanks so much for everyone's interest in the program and your continued support.  We are so excited for the 55th Anniversary year and putting on another incredible recital.  

Happy Dancing.

Kate Thompson & Emily Lehr

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Byrd HSA Membership Drive
Byrd School

This is the Byrd membership Drive for the 2018-2019 school year.

Register to gain access to the new online School Directory, participate in all the fun activities the HSA has to offer, volunteer and pay for events using your credit card. 

You must have a paid HSA membership to participate in HSA activities, access the new online directory and continue receving the weekly Byrd Highlights (newsletter).  HSA events include Pizza Day, Bagel Day(s), all social events, Byrd Broadway, Spirit Wear and more. 
We ask that every family contribute a small fee of $20 to offset the cost of activities. 

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Glen Rock Jets Day
Sun, Nov 10, 2019
Join Glen Rock friends and neighbors at the NY Jets vs NY Giants game on 11/10/2019
About this Event
The Glen Rock Federated HSA is organizing a block of seats at this Fall's NY Jets vs NY Giants game. If you'd like to be a part of the excitement, you can purchase tickets here until May 28, 2019. 

A block of tickets on the 300 level (top level) of the stadium will be purchased so all attendees with the group can sit together. Tickets are $120, with a small portion of the price going to the Federated HSA. Payment is required up front to reserve seats. Payments are non-refundable, but if you sell your tickets you can transfer them to the new owner. All tickets will be delivered electronically this fall via the Jets App. 
See FAQs at
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Student Council News:

Student Council would like to say the biggest THANK YOU to the Byrd School Community.  With your help, we raised $1,800 to be donated to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.  What an amazing community of people you are!!


THANK YOU to Byrd School's H.S.A. and to Perry's for providing Student Council such beautiful flowers to plant! 




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Ice Cream Day Ingredients

School lunches can be ordered online from the Pomptonian website
A printable monthly menu can be found here

Pomptonian is pleased to be Glen Rock School District's food service provider, and we appreciate your comments and suggestions. You can reach us at or 201-445-7700 ext. 8965.

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