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since 05/19/2017

The safety of all children is our first priority! Please follow these drop-off/pick-up procedures to ensure everyone's day begins and ends smoothly. Thank you! 

1. Doremus Avenue is one-way going towards Rock Road during school hours.

2. There is no parking on Doremus Ave. on the side directly opposite school.

3. When dropping off your child(ren), pull up to the corner of Marinus and Doremus on the driver’s side of the car so that other cars can queue up behind you.

4. Drop your child(ren) off and pick up them up on the driver’s side of the car.

5. There is absolutely NO parking and leaving your car in the queue line! If you must get out of your car, you must park on one of the surrounding side streets.

6. For those who use the Boulevard as a student drop-off and/or pick-up location,
please note the following:

          Do not double park.

          Do not make U-turns on the Boulevard.

          Marinus Place is closed to through traffic.

          Do not block the driveways of residents.


Thank you for your cooperation!


Dear Parents, 

The drop-off and pick-up procedures MUST be followed…yesterday and today there were several people who parked their cars either in the drop-off/pick-up line or parked on Doremus across from the school to escort their children to/from school.  If there is a need for you to escort your child, you MUST park your car on one of the secondary streets…you cannot leave your car unattended if you are on the drop-off/pick up line.  This morning, two cars were noted to be in line and vacant…license plate numbers are A10HJW and a NY plate that looked like DWE5127.   

If someone other than you drops off or picks up your child, please relate this information to them. 

Safety is key…I am asking for everyone to follow the established procedures to keep us all safe.


Thank you. 

Dr. Linda Weber, Principal

Richard E. Byrd Elementary School

Glen Rock, NJ 07452


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Ice Cream Day Ingredients

School lunches can be ordered online from the Pomptonian website
A printable monthly menu can be found here

Pomptonian is pleased to be Glen Rock School District's food service provider, and we appreciate your comments and suggestions. You can reach us at or 201-445-7700 ext. 8965.

Questions about Lunch?