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Please make sure to review the responsibilities/requirements for the role of class parent before volunteering as a class parent.  If you would still like to help, but are unsure of your ability to meet all of the requirements, please consider volunteering as an alternate class parent.   

If you have any questions, or for more information, please email byrdclassparents@gmail.com.  


Attendance at HSA Meetings

Class parents are responsible for either attending or recruiting a class representative to attend monthly HSA meetings. One parent from each class MUST attend, attendance records are kept. Quorums are needed at many meetings for approval of school issues and purchases.  The Byrd HSA offers a Zoom option for all HSA Meetings.  


HSA MEETINGS 2023-24 School Year

October 17th

8:45 AM

 Byrd Media Center

January 16th

8:45 AM

 Byrd Media Center

March 19th

8:45 AM

 Byrd Media Center

May 28th

8:45 AM

 Byrd Media Center


Back to School Night (BSN)

Please reach out to your teacher, along with your co-class parents, before Back to School Night and ask if they would like assistance in any activities/parties other than the standard ones listed below [see Class Parties].  Please ask the teacher for a moment to introduce yourselves to the other parents during back to school night.  At this time, you can let your class know that the party sign ups will be coming out as a sign up genius this year.  

After back-to-school night, you will send out a follow up email to all parents with a sign up genius for each party. For the Valentine’s, Holiday and End of Year parties,  you will need a volunteer to provide one healthy treat, one sweet treat, and napkins.  The Halloween party is a non-food party. The class parents and/or volunteers are responsible for purchasing the food and activities. That said, if there is a financial concern, email the HSA co-presidents. The communications will always be confidential. 


Class Parties

The class parents coordinate parties four times a year: Halloween, Winter Holidays, Valentine’s Day and End of the Year.  Parties are held in the afternoon prior to dismissal.  You may arrive at the school to sign in at 2:40PM.  Two class parents are expected to be in the classroom for each party to help set up, serve and clean up. (Some teachers may wish to have the students assist, as well). Please make sure that the class parents who are attending the party register ahead of time as requested by the Glen Rock Public Schools security procedures.  (Registration document will be provided by the HSA). 

As a class parent, you are responsible for coordinating an activity for your class during the parties.  Please discuss the activity with all the class parents for your grade (both sections), so the classes have similar activities.   Some examples of activities are bingo, freeze-dance, headbands, or a simple craft.  Please be mindful that the class parties take place in the classroom when selecting the activity/game/craft for your class.

Additionally, you are responsible for reminding parents listed on your sign-up genius to bring in their item the day of the party. Please communicate to all parents the food policies contained in the Byrd Parent Hub, specifically noting that all treats/snacks must be commercially prepared and nut-free. Please refer to the additional food guidelines concerning peanut/tree nut allergies from the Byrd Parent Hub.  Please make sure that the parent volunteers send in pictures of the labels of any food items to be distributed to the students during the party in advance.  As the class parent, you will then send the labels of the food items to all of the families in your class so that the parents of children with allergies/food restrictions, have ample time to make arrangements for an alternate treat.  

Unfortunately, younger siblings are not allowed to attend the class parties.  


Class Trips

Two class parents may be requested to accompany their class on the all-day field trip. Specific details will be provided by the teacher closer to the date of the trip. Again, unfortuneatly, no siblings are permitted on class trips.



Class parents and alternates are responsible for getting the word out — especially to new families — about HSA meeting discussions, events, programs and activities like Pizza Day, Ice Cream Day, socials and other events. You will be asked to send emails to your class with updates and meeting notes from the HSA.  You will be given a class list, with email addresses for each family.  Please make sure to send all email communications to your class BCC.  

Please do not share these email addresses with any one in the class for any reason. If a parent asks you for contact information for another family, please direct them to the Byrd HSA Website directory section or Mobile Arq through the Federated HSA.


Teacher Gifts

Money should be collected in November for both Holiday and End of Year gifts. The numbers below are totals and should be divided between the two gift times. This collection will be done through the HSA Website.  An additional collection will take place for specialists at this time.   

  • Teacher:  $20
  • Asst/Aide - $10 (for each)
  • Teacher Appreciation - $5

So for a typical one teacher/one aide classroom - it's $35 per child.  There will also be an additional collection for teacher gifts and celebrations ahead of Teacher Appreciation Week.  


Alternate Class Parents

The alternate class parents act as a substitute in the event one of the class parents is unable to participate in a specific event, such as a class party.  They also may serve as the class representative to the HSA meetings HSA meetings when other class parents are not available to attend.


New this year!

 Please email


by 9AM to report an absence.

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