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 If anyone would like to organize a neighborhood Walking School Bus, email quinlanc@glenrocknj.org for a free sign with your street name on it!
There is even an app for this called UDOT Walking School Bus


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since 05/19/2017

2016/17 Class Parent Class Parent Alt
KC Sharon Tischco Asha Seetharam Julia Surkov
KV Jackie Leitner Heather Malko  
1H Alix Schafer Michelle Hillagian Jen Lota
1G Emily Lehr Keara Kumler Hong (Ada) Zhang
2K Sara Mazin Erica Danziger  
2G Nicole Hayward Monica Lauro Leah Surkov
3B Dina Jacobs Nancy Bermack  
3H Sharon Scarpelli Christine Hong  
4L Leslie Schraer Lauren Munshower Hope Lichtman
4M Andrea Ryan Michelle Torpey  
5N Carolyne Monti Moira Nolfo  
5P Susan Ring  Elaine Wade Heather McDermott

 Class Parent Emails:

KC Asha Seetharam asha.seetharam@gmail.com
KC Julia Surkov julia.surkov@gmail.com
KC Sharon Tishco sharontishco@yahoo.com
KV Jackie Leitner Jackiebucky@hotmail.com
KV Heather Malko hmalko@hotmail.com
1G Keara Kumler Kearaelizabeth@gmail.com
1G Emily Lehr ehills@rocketmail.com
1G Hong Zhang adazhangaa@gmail.com
1H Michelle Hallajian lentmichelle@aol.com
1H Jennifer Lota jenlota322@gmail.com
1H Alixandra Schafer alixandraschafer@gmail.com
2G Joseph Garrett josephgarrett@yahoo.com
2G Nicole Hayward nicoledpm@yahoo.com
2G Monica Lauro monicalauro@gmail.com
2K Erica Danziger erica@naturegirlwellness.com
2K Sara Mazin sschwartzfarb@hotmail.com
2K Mary Castaneda marygcastaneda@gmail.com
3B Nancy Bermack nancy.bermack@gmail.com
3B Dina Jacobs dinajacobs123@gmail.com
3B Jen Collins jen@jennico.com
3H Christine Hong christinesyhong@gmail.com
3H Sharon Scarpelli shascarpelli@gmail.com
4K Hope Lichtman hlicht@optonline.net
4L Leslie Schraer lesliekossar@gmail.com
4L Lauren Munshower Lauren_munshower@yahoo.com
4M Andrea Ryan ajmendels@icloud.com
4M Michelle Torpey sjutorpey@gmail.com
5N Carolyne Monti carolynemonti@yahoo.com
5N Moira Nolfo monolfo@gmail.com
5P Heather McDermott mcloren1@aol.com
5P Susan Ring jtsring5@gmail.com
5P Elaine McCloskey Wade emccwade@gmail.com


New Jersey School Performance Report for Richard E. Byrd School



Ice Cream Day Ingredients & Allergens

School lunches can be ordered online from the Pomptonian website
A printable monthly menu can be found here

Pomptonian is pleased to be Glen Rock School District's food service provider, and we appreciate your comments and suggestions. You can reach us at cafeteria@glenrocknj.org or 201-445-7700 ext. 8965.

Questions about Lunch?